"But teacher see my hand really small, and my friends are really big hands" - Aishah

August 04, 2017

Every night before Aishah go to sleep, I will read her a story, either a story that I knew since kid like Cinderella, Rabbit & Turtle or new stories that I managed to read like Rapunzel, Snow White, The Little Mermaid, Sleeping Beauty. Yep true, those are not new, but believe it or not, it is new to me. I never read and know or been storied about those, so when Aishah requested me for those, I had myself to google first, and story her. To make my life easier, I went to book store, bought few book series that combine multiple stories inside, put it next to Aishah's bed. It's not easy to be a mother of Aishah's dream. It is full of dreams. Sometime, my husband took over to be her story teller but I noticed my husband kept repeating the same story of The Rabbit & The Turtle. 

"Papa, you story already"

and he replied;

"No this time rabbit really win" or "no, this story is different". 

Unlike tonight, my husband screwed up everything when Aishah needed a story. He was telling about Spiderman, and Aishah realised that we break the promise to take her for a movie. Actually, I told her last week that we are going for Spiderman Homecoming.  So I continue to read a story of Pinocchio to Aishah but till the end of the story,  she still wide awake. Then I decided to have a "ladies talk" with her. Knowing that her school will resume in less than 2 weeks, I asked about her friends in class. I never expected that she will talk about these matters over (in the video);

She is actually complaining; even though she is 5, she does not look like one. Because of her petite size, among all her friends in class, she is the smallest. She had said;

"But teacher see my hand really small, and my friends are really big hands"

Upon asking why she is small, she said;

"Because I'm not come first"

She wanted to say, that's because she is not born first compared to her other friends. Obviously it is untrue because some of her friends even born later than her. But at least I'm happy to know that my daughter really uses her brain trying her hit to think of the possible reasons even though it is WRONG. Good try sha!

and I told her she has to eat more, so that she will be big as her friends. You know what she replied to me?;

"It's because you eat less food, you have to eat more" - Me

"But it's not working!" - Aishah

Hahahahahahahaha. Are you trying to say you have eaten a lot sha? and still you not big? So big brain lah you sha.

"I eat nasik" "I dont like vegetable" 

"Because I like only Lemon, Strawberry and Mango!"

Erk, what the hell you said lemon sha? I never seen you eat lemon in your whole life, how come it's become your favorite. See, my daughter really have high confidence level! Mommy is proud!
Wait wait, there's more of our chit chat guys, read it ahead!

"Salad is not my favorite, I don't want to eat salad!"

"I eat only potato sauce"  

hah? what is potato sauce you talking about sha? hahahah. She is talking about KFC mash potato actually! LOL.

And last part is actually about her lunch box to school. Most of her school day, we packed her with spagethi bolognese, macaroni mushroom soup and sometime maggi goreng. Yes sometimes we packed her "nasi putih + telur rebus + kicap". She does not eat nasi goreng enw. I always short of idea on what menu Aishah can take to school, because she only take the bait to certain foods, so to be safe just pack her with pasta, easy! And easy as well because my husband can cook too, that's why Aishah said;

"You two are delicious"

Thanks sha for turning my hectic day to a blissful one! So, one more story for you tonight, Rapunzel!

It just the normal conversation I had with my little girl. I'm totally blessed and grateful that finally she can really talk and express her opinion in her own way. To tell all of you who might not aware about this fact, Aishah can really talk well at the age of four. She was a quite slow talker until she reached four. Nothing we did, it is a matter of time. 

And what we plan for Aishah is nothing, but if I can, I want her to actually know how to express the opinion and talk about it.  I really hope that she will be my forever life partner and best friend. It should go beyond mother-daughter relationship. I remember how big the gap between me and my mother last time, we never talked over personal matters and when it happened, I can say the loves among us also almost faded away. I don't want it to happen between me and my daughter, I want her to know, if her life, outside are gloomy, friends seems not too attentive, at least she has me to comfort her, to render her the full loves forever.

*Full video of our conversation. It's dark because yeah, it's dark!😂

Till then,


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