We laugh at our hardest time; because we are bestfriend!

March 31, 2017

True that people often say a best friend is someone who makes you laugh even in your darkest time. No matter how bad your day is, true friend is someone who'll always besides even when you think you’ll never smile again, she will always stand by your side. 

After a long time, I managed to have a long hang out with my old friend, who has been staying far from me and now come back for good to our motherland. Far doesn't mean that we were silent to get to know each other's daily life. We did, I mean she did, so I.  I knew what had happened to her at a distance and glad that yeah, she is still lovely, lively, and be all smiles! We anyway talked over everything today!

You know what, people who know us through Instagram or Facebook are actually no idea of how we live our life and this is real. Don't you? You may judge how content my life just because I share about my kids, my success, my social life proudly on my media social account. The truth is, among them also hidden a lot of awful sides which sometimes it is being shared and sometimes it is being kept confidential. Due to it, people may misjudge me. After all, I'm proud that I still have friend who put trust on me and doesn't have a gut to even betray me, not even once. 

I love the way we handle our friendship. We met in 2010 for a photography outing and that was our first meeting. We shared same hobby, to together being an amateur photographer, tried hard on our EOS1000D with 50mm lens F1.8 and were extremely busy to arrogantly share our skilled output to fb. Until today, we still do but none of us bother about our bulky camera as we have phone camera to even have better pictures than before. I don't think we have ample times to transfer and do Photoshop to our picture as to what we used to do in our ancient time. No, we won't! We are so proud to say that we are an iphonegrapher anyway!

As time past, she completed her first degree and flew to Melbourne for her Master Degree and there our friendship went. Nothing likes hang out but we do shared everything sometimes over our media social account. I liked her ig posts and she did same way. We liked for the arts value, not for the picture per say. By the way, I can say that we don't need to be hang out with our friend everyday, because as far as we can have the distance, it will make our friendship even stronger.

She in her own way, never failed to express admiration towards me, my achievement and so on especially during my birthday (and even today). I appreciate that and hoping that Allah will rewards me (if it is true) for giving people so much inspiration and positive vibes. Yes, many of my good friends like me because they claimed that I inspire them in many ways and no matter how true or not it is, I hope that we especially women will choose our own life motivation, be it from people around or someone who most of people admire like Nelson Mendela perhaps. You can choose anyone to admire as long as it provides you life happiness. But be prudent to not simply trust people who say they admire you. Some of them are giving you a real lie. They just want to fool you!

Part of it, the conversation lasted long over life's partner and its relationship. You know, it ain't easy to simply build a relationship based on sympathy. You can't be a true liar for the rest of your life. I told her, you have to ask yourself, do you like the person wholeheartedly? Or you might consider to dump the person because you don't like her/him. Why force? In marriage specifically, we need someone who loves us more than we do, but avoid the clingy one. Anyway, I hope she likes the one that I proposed her to be serious with (lol). 

After all, both of us actually is living with our own life problem but in different ways. We shared everything from heart to heart and I liked when she said what adulthood has done to us. We have grown up so far! Love You Anna! I see new you with even powerful confidence level. I see you in better intelligent tone and speak! Do great for your future as the potential is already in you!


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