Weekend in Ipoh; Workshop, Pictures and Cool Cafe

February 19, 2017

Most of you know that I'm in Ipoh right now, attending a workshop and keep posting pictures every 5 hours. I'm sorry if some of you started to get annoyed with my regular postings. But, please allow me. I have passion towards photography since before. I admire those who snap good pictures and impress every time. I'm not that good, but thank you if you think my pictures are all awesome, cantik and so on. I appreciate that.

Everything that is eye-catching to me, deserve to be posted at my instagram/fb. To some people, it is nothing, but to my view, it is something. That's how I look at things. These two days, I managed to load up few new pictures to my camera roll making it to 4,525. 

I love that painting!

Sometimes, in my space, please allow me for #ootd type of post ya!

I attend the Advanced Quantitative Research Methods by Prof Ramayah (USM) which my main reason is to further strengthen my research knowledge. I know in couple of years later, I will need to supervise postgraduate students (MsC/PhD) and even though I have finished my PhD, there are still some of the important issues that I haven't covered throughout my PhD journey. I'm bad at statistics and its interpretation and I need more knowledge about it. That is the main reason why I attended the workshop.

Among the reasons to attend, she is one in the list.

I think most of the postgraduate students in Malaysia know who is Prof T Ramayah. Don't you?
After the workshop, we went pusing pusing Ipoh. Browsing through the instagram post by #ipohcity and asked few people and thanks to our students, Umirul for guiding us through to cool cafe (Plan B). Actually before Umirul introduced, i remember my friend Erin already mentioned to me to go to Plan B cafe in Ipoh. It is such a cool cafe and most importantly spacious! Yeah when you get into hipster type of cafe nowadays, you will find difficulties to move due to its limited space. But trust me, not in Plan B!

I like the ambience here. It is so relaxing and I'm looking forward this kind of cafe in Perlis. I find it perfect to do work related tasks like marking exam paper, or reading an article while having a sip of coffee perhaps. Problem is, I want someone who can snap my picture doing those!

I'm not a coffee lover after all. I don't mind of not having coffee. I just need to borrow the ambience of the cafe. But if you offer me free coffee, I will say yes, I'm a real coffee lover, buy me one! 

And whenever i visit hipster cafe like this, i will make sure I visit it with my mrs. right friend. Otherwise I'll go home upset for not having any good pictures. Used to be with me is of course, none other than Irwani. She is too toxic you know, in order for me to have good pictures, she will make sure she'll get hers first. I think that's the only reason why she always keep me in her heart, talking good to me. And yep, besties think alike, she will do the same to me (after few times yelling)! I'm very particular when comes to photo. Bad photo deserves trash, not my camera roll!

credit lah untuk kegigihan beliau

and this one too!


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