Mommy, is today my birthday? - Aishah

February 07, 2017

Random talk I had with my little girl this week are all about her birthday. She will celebrating her 5th birthday on 23 February. Last two weeks I let her choose her own birthday cake from Google. She kept eyeing for pink cake with crown on it. Refer picture.

She proposed this one, let see the real one on her birthday party

Since that day, almost everyday she asked me;

"mummy, is today my birthday?"

When I told her, "No, another 3 weeks sha"

She replied and showing her 10 fingers "This many mummy?"

 I think at this age (5 yo), my little girl really know what is birthday party until later tonight I talked to her,  

"Sha, what is the color theme for your party?"

She said "Pink"

I asked her, "Can someone come and wear blue color?"

She replied me "Yes, can. Can wear blue, can wear black, can wear brown".

Hmm, kids are so unpredictable. The theme should be pink yet you can come and wear any colors. Kau rasa?

That's among the beautiful moments I had with my little girl. We sometimes ignored that she has grown up this far. How time flies so fast. We often asked her;

"Sha, you big already. You can go toilet yourself, you can sleep without pampers, you can wash your poops yourself."

She replied me "No, Aishah small jer (showing her tiny hands). I don't want to go toilet myself, papa wash (showing finger to her papa)".

But, in different situation;

Normally on Friday, her school is closed, so we will send her to Akif's school (nursery).

Me: "Sha, you have to go to Akif's school today."
Aishah: "I don't want. School Akif for small jer. Aishah big dah (showing her hands high passing her head).

And suddenly she is no longer small. Confusing isn't?

Among all, she is very good daughter to us. For instance, she is no longer drink Milo, she is no longer get addicted to handphone.


"No, you can't drink Milo, doctor will cut your tummy" she said. This is coming from me because I told her, if she drinks Milo, the doctor will open and cut her tummy. Kalau x, dia akan mintak Milo everyday dalam lunch box dia. So, yes, mommy won!

"Tangan macamana? Tangan macamana? - She will tell her adik (Akif) if Akif takes my handphone for a video. and She will continue "Your hand will be shaking like a zombie! haaaaaaa"

That is because, I showed her the video of 2 years old kids that having an electromagnetic effect out of excessive use of handphone. She get scared after. And Yes, mommy won again!

Be good my sha!



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