What i have to do and reach by 35?

January 26, 2017

I remember 5 years back, i once wrote about what i want to reach by 30? Should i recall?

No. No need.

Since i have pledged to regularly update this blog, i shall write again but this time will be on What i have to do and reach by 35?  To some people, talking about age is too subjective. Some may want to not disclose about age for some reasons i.e; to avoid the feeling of getting old (maybe). Don't worry, I'm not that secretive. I am 32 years old this year (2017) and I'm looking forward to what I need to achieve & do by the age of 35. It will be my personal goals, don't misjudge ya readers!

1. Wake Up Early In The Morning

I have no idea when is the ideal time to wake up in the morning, but i always admire those who can wake up as early as 5 a.m, have a bath, recite Al-Quran, perform Subuh prayer and cook for breakfast or even lunch box for their kids/family. As to date, I wake up at 6.45, perform Subuh, cook for aishah, take her to bath, get her dressed and always realized that time moves so fast. At the end, we were always late including Aishah. In order for her to be on time to school, my husband has to leave the house at 7.50 am. But we always ended up leaving house at 8.10a.m. To reach to Aishah's school take about 30 minutes and she has to reach school at 8.30 a.m (count yourself what time Aishah actually arrives school). Hopefully, we can be as early as we can by September as Aishah is going to get into Year 1 in new academic term.

2. Clean Up The House Regularly

It's not that I don't clean my house at all. I did but not often. I know that some of my friends hire maid during weekend to do the house cleaning, but personally for me, my house is not that big and I can do myself. Plus, I'm afraid that maid will lost in the middle of the house due to over messiness with old stuffs and definitely, unnecessary to keep. Who have the same syndrome? 

3. Share As Many Beneficial Stories As I Can To My Students

I have enjoyed my lecture sessions which I had for the past 5 years with my undergraduate students. However, I realized that I was too academically teaching them talking about debit and credit, balancing off the T-Account, prepare the trial balance, balance sheet and income statement and there my class finished. Don't you think it is too boredom? I need to inject some worthwhile stories to my students, so that at least, they have something to remember me once finished study. Who is going to remember you when you keep talking about figures and its credit/debit balances isn't?

4. Talk Less In Work Related Meeting

I used to talk and speak up a lot in the meeting. I used to be an outspoken person, voice up anything which i think is not right to my views, speak up things, comment things, and sharing the ideas which no one even cares though. Thus, for years to come I choose to talk less, talk the necessary and there off the meeting. I learned a lot from previous experience, more you talk, more people get annoyed. More you share, more people talk about you either bad or nice.

5. Be Positive, Be Tolerance

Talking about supervising (postgraduate) student, I used to have the mindset that students are hard to manoeuvre. In fact, students either excellent or moderately excellent come to study and learn new knowledge. How could I expect them to come with full knowledge and expect them to know everything. I have to change my mindset, allow them to improve, to be good, to be excellent. Most importantly I need to put more tolerance in my judgment. Allow them for mistakes, correct them for the mistakes. Don't simply punish them for their ignorance. I know that I'll live with this situation for at least 30 years to come.

6. Stop Spending Over Luxurious Items

One thing I have to know is, I'm not rich. None of the wealth that I can be proud of as I'm totally not a rich woman. However, in 3-4 years back, I was a crazy shopaholic. I spent my salary for unnecessary stuffs especially handbag. I bought Louis Vuitton handbag 3 pieces per year which cost me more than RM10,000. I have Balenciaga handbag costed me RM4,700 yet I'm not using it. and many more which I regret buying those! Enough is enough.

The above talking what i have to do by 35. Let's talk about what I want to achieve by 35.

1. Sustain My Business (Modista Sutera Boutique)

Some of you know that I own a batik boutique in Perlis. I wish my business can reach its sales target of RM100,000 per month in 3 years to come (Yes, I dont mind sharing the figure here, I want my readers to know and get inspired to together aim for this). To some of you, RM100,000 is small amount, but for the early start up like me, the amount suffices. Actually, the amount is targeted for our second year of operation, but let's not be too ambitious, aim it for the next 3 years. For the first year of operation, our business strategy is to maintain the sales, and importantly ensure the stocks availability keep increasing as we are actually having the problem of capital shortage. So, we need to apply the concept of "sikit-sikit, lama-lama jadi bukit". I remember back in 2009, my sales target was RM600 per month and was incredibly happy for it!

2.  Second House

Alhamdulillah for our first house we purchased in 2011. Just a small house with (big backyard). We plan to purchase our second house by the age of 35. And when talk about second house, we really hope it will be the best place to stay. I'm not saying that the existing house we staying in now is not the best place, but we need bigger house with big nice landscape and pool perhaps.

3. Career?

I think husband and I have a stable career Alhamdulillah. Talking about professorship, no! It's not about time. We still young and we know our knowledge's limit. For both to have our doctorate-ship is more than enough. We respect all the professors with knowledge for their genuine and authentic knowledge. Thus, we don't want to simply join the group just because of our high volume of publications (which the community don't really get benefit from our research). Let's time determines!

4. More Kids?

Can i just have two kids? I love my daughter and son very much!My loves is limited for them both!

5. Second Book
Yes, I'm writing it. #Englishbook. Don't worry. I'm not going to write it myself, my friend (top english teacher) will help me with the translation. Why english book? Wait until it is disclosed!

6. Travel

I'm looking forwards travelling backpackers with my husband and two kids. By the age of 35, Aishah will turn 8 years old and Akif will turn 5 years old. Where is the place? Yet to decide. 

That's all!We may plan, but Allah determines!




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