Back for Good

January 16, 2017

To start with the entry which i have left for quite some times is little bit awkward for me. I have decided to write as regular as i can here; backtrack on to what i have used to. Writing ain't be easy though especially when you are psyched up to talk about your life, i mean everything you deal daily. 

I hope I'm fully grown to share and being transparent about life, write it in a nice way which will benefit my readers as I believe some of my students will look through my blog, dig out as much information as they can. Yes, same things apply to my instagram account which I had fun everytime my students get inspired with my postings. I hope they really meant!

Life has been magnificent for the past two years. I had delivered my second baby on May 2015, it is a boy and he is growing up stunning day by day. I named him Wan Khalish Akif yet used to be called adik or sometimes akif/khalish. Please get the message of why we call him adik. It has been my dream of having two kids. Suffice for God's sake InsyaAllah.

I'm working still in Universiti Malaysia Perlis at the School of Business Innovation and Technopreneurship. It has been 5 years over (2011 - 2017) spending my life teaching undergraduate students with Principle of Accounting & Managerial Accounting. And down my fingers, no need to count for the days left here as I'll be here till Allah hints me new route in years to come. 

Talking about my princess, Aishah; she is 5 this year Alhamdulillah. She is having fun with her school i must say. I send her to UUM International School and this coming September, she will register Year 1. How time flies, my little girl is no more little though! And thank her, one of the reason why I return to this blog is because of her. I have yet to write about her which i wanted to share with all of you.

Spot the little among the little!

Talking about my PhD which I have started it in 2012, lets share the news. I have passed my PhD, entitled me to be known as Dr. Wahida and it was on my birthday, 31th birthday! Who cares, I'm just turned 31th! The achievement is not for show-off, not to being overbearing or whatsoever, it just for my personal achievement. Yes, PhD objectives are too subjective. Some may aim for career promotion, some aim higher salary, some use it for business purpose (reputation per se), regardless of those mentioned, mine is nothing than personal! It is for me, not for anyone else.For at least, I have achieved my highest degree, and all praises be to Allah!

Picture which i will keep for the rest of my life! Two standing on my right are my supervisors, and left side were the examiners.

Memorable event happened to me in 2016 was the opening of my first boutique specializing on silk crepe handrawn batik. It is my proud Modista Sutera (find it in instagram/fb page). It is shared with my husband's aunty who also passionate about batik. Those of you who have plan of visiting Perlis, please make yourself available to drop by my boutique. The launching ceremony was officiated by Datin Sri Ismalina (Wife to Datok Seri Rezal Merican) and attended by few VIPs such as Datok Seri Shahidan Kassim etc. It has been almost 8 weeks in operation and Alhamdulillah so far so good. 

Husband? Still the same husband with different title; Dr. Khairy. He finished his PhD in 2015.

Till we meet again!


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