Trip to UK Part 2: KLIA - London

March 21, 2016

Sambung balik the journey. At this hour, it is 2 am in the morning and i couldn't sleep (I'm still feel home). Tomorrow the conference start, and I'm finalizing my slide presentation. 

19/3/2016 - Saturday

(KLIA - London Heathrow Airport) 
Flight dari KLIA ke Abu Dhabi mengambil masa lebih kurang 7 jam ++. Kami travel by Etihad Airways . The flight ticket cost for me and my family (me, husband, aishah (4 yo), akif (10 months) is around RM9700++ (return ticket). Transit di Abu Dhabi Airport for 2 hours and at 8am we depart to London for another 8 hours journey. Aishah dengan akif agak behave masa flight KL-Abu Dhabi, tapi untuk flight dari Abu Dhabi - London Heathrow Airport, aishah agak cranky sikit, mintak mee la, nak toys la, nak color la. x nak pkai seatbelt la. siap menangis lagi cuma x lama dlm 7 minit. akif pun dah tunjuk muka bosan untuk 3 jam terakhir flight. those are the part yang agak mencabar bila travel dengan kids. sbb kita klau boleh x nak our kids kacau privacy orang dlm flight. But they seems to understand that travel with kids aint that easy.  

 (London - Bath, UK)
Around 12.15 noon (London time), kami sampai London Heathrow Airport. keluar immigresen tu punya la lama queue nya. ada la dalam 45 minit. akif dah xtahan panas dah, penat lagi. nasib baik carry dgn carrier, kalu x, mmg melompat la. Keluar setel amik luggage, g toilet, tukar diapers aishah, akif, bagi susu semua around 1.30 jugak baru kluar dari Heathrow Airport. Kat luar Airport, kami cari national express bas nak ke Terminal 2/3 sebab kami kena catch bus to Bath. I rented the house in Bath sebab conference that I attend is at Bath, UK. its around 2 and half hour from Airport to Bath. I booked the bus ticket online 2 weeks prior to our travel date. The cost from Airport to Bath City is around £78 (lebih kurang RM470 duit kita). Tu tiket untuk 3 adults 2 kids. Together with us is my friend, Syahida. Bas sampai Bath City around 5.30 pm. Turun jer dari bus, aishah and akif start crying (like sungguh-sungguh) because the weather was freezing cold. its about 4 degree, so if you travel with kids, please wrap them with thick clothes to keep them warm. We did but not that thick to deal with 4 degree weather.  Turun bas, kami amik taxi dari bus station ke rumah yang kami sewa. I booked house 1 month before our arrival date. We choose house that we can cook and fit 3 adults 2 kids. Hotel kami x book since hotel kat sini banyak yang x welcome kids. and kalau ada pun, price mahal, plus we cant cook. I prefer to cook sendiri sebab i melayu pure, i need nasi, telur dadar and all (i believe some of you did). Taxi yang kami amik dari bas station to our rented house is around £9 but we had to get 2 taxis since the taxi cant cater more than 5 passengers. so total taxi cost is £18 (RM106). 

was waiting for the bus to Bath

(Wits End, Warmnister Road, Bath)

Around 6 pm we arrived at our rented house. The house owner already there since the rented house is part of their giant house. We were welcomed by Mr Paul, very nice guy and we love the house so much. It meets my expectation and lepas dah bayar sewa semua, kami kemas barang and i'm ready to cook. We are not that hungry, but we miss rice so much. Rumah yang kami sewa ni untuk 5 days 4 night, cost is £460 (RM2,700++). kat UK mmg susah nak cari yang murah bawah RM300. kalau ada pun utk yang backpackers boleh la yang macam dorm tu. i'm with family, i prefer the proper stay plus my husband did say,  travel without spending is not a travel. Then, we close our eyes, and we paid £460. So malam tu i cooked the Brahim's food packet for us. Alhamdulilah sedap and we are ready to sleep. Long journey, so better sleep.

20/3/2016 - Sunday

Hari ni kami boleh rest sebab conference belum start lagi. So we decided to rest, petang sikit baru nak keluar ke city nak cari telur, vegetable oil, vege and salt for our cooking purposes. And ke primark jugak utk cari baju panas budak2 ni yang lebih tebal. So pagi2 lagi sebab kami bangun awal, kul 8 pagi dah makan nasi, and then husband asked me to snap picture outside house. 

baby sejuk sungguh2.
Ni picture around our rented house.

aishah mmg x boleh berpisah dgn hp

Pastu petang sikit kami g pusing Bath City. Amik taxi ke Bath City around £9.

will continue on the conference and about tomorrow. Stay tune for third part of our UK travelogue.

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